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The Finger Mullet lure kit includes (4PCS) ranging from just shy of 3" to over 5", featuring native baitfish designs, 3-D Eyes, and black nickel hooks. Watch inshore gamefish go "MENTAL" for this dedicated "finger mullet" lure collection. The assortment of lures included with this kit cover every level of the water column and will provide an alternative to produce a bone crushing bite under any condition. The finger mullet lure kit was developed from a need to match local forage found throughout the beautiful sunshine state of Florida, and maybe our obsession to also get bit.

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Price as configured: $35.00

The Finger Mullet lure kit shown below is the culmination of 3 decades of field research streamlined to the actions, color patterns, and baitfish profiles proven to help passionate coastal and inshore anglers land more fish - period. These premium baits range from just shy of 3 inches to over 5 inches and emit a deadly flashing,jumping, and swimming actions that when retrieved at a steady pace with an occasional pop or pause thrown in drives fish loco!

WARNING : The combinition of these finger mullet lures and varied actions,  native baitfish lures will trigger explosive strikes below and right at the surface! The 4pc - Finger Lure kit matured through many years of scouting the forage most coastal predatory fish were prone to attacking such as finger mullet found throughout South Florida's inshore waterways. Every lure comes pre-rigged with saltwater grade / corrosion resistant black nickel hooks,native baitfish designs, and 3-D Eyes providing the realistic edge to get the bite.

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