Hard Bait Lures

The MiraMira Mullet stick bait series was created to mimic the profile of one of Southeast Eastern United States most devoured baitfish - the mullet. Measuring just over 5 1/2 inches and weighing in a little over 2 ounces, the MiraMira sinking stick bait lures are an authentic mullet replica.The unrivaled profile of the MiraMira Mullet transmits a natural water push replicating the actions of a real finger mullet when retrieved properly through the water column. Monster snook, giant tarpon, and hefty cobia are a few of the coastal species which you can expect to tangle with using this sinking lure. Offshore anglers can also be assured that Pelagic's such as Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi Mahi are no match for this bait's 3x-strong hooks and overbuilt through-wire construction process.

The Motion Minnow  segmented swim bait lure series is designed to mimic the exact undulation and frantic movements of coastal bait fish found throughout Florida and the tropics. Measuring in at a healthy 5.5" and weighing just over 1 oz, this swimbait's freakishly accurate movements drive coastal predators to feed PERIOD.

The Wicked Walker  saltwater hard plastic series of topwater baits is designed to create blazing surface strikes and drive any coastal predators loco. This line of topwater lures features natural color patterns, freakishly accurate profiles, premium black nickel hooks, and true actions built to exceed the demands of any discriminating shallow water addict. The aggressive slanted-tail design launches this artificial bait airborne and mirrors the actions a terror-stricken finger mullet evading a predator while in pursuit. 

The Manic Minnow lure series by Marea Gear is a "snack size" slow-sinking twitch bait. Measuring only 2.75", but packs MANIC punch through it's bonafide fish calling and slow sinking action. Available in a variety of natural colors, the Manic Minnow twitch bait series from Marea features premium black nickel hooks, Bio-Driven baitfish patterns, and our unique X-Dura finishes. Decades of research and development have been spent by Marea's R&D team, determining what actions, profiles, and colors trigger coastal predators to feed. We're confident that this little artificial powerhouse of a lure is the answer and will help you put more fish in the boat.

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