Mega Motion Dredge Baits

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These MEGA Dredge baits are designed to mimic the natural movements of a Bait Fish such as Mullet,Skipjack Tuna, Spanish Sardine, Goggle Eye, and Dorado. Rig them custom according to your style of fishing and the size of baitball you are looking to achieve. 

Details / Specs :

  • Length : 9.5 inches
  • Weight : 4oz
  • Action : Sinking
  • 8-Piece Segmented Body which is held together with 2X Dyneema Fiber
  • Realistic 3D Eyes
  • Color pattern reflects the markings of a Native Baitfish.  

(These are Dredge Baits and hooks are NOT INCLUDED)

Pro Techs:

  • For Optimum results, simply rig 12 - 20 PCS per tier on HEAVY Duty dredge bars.  Space each bait evenly distanced to achieve maximum action. The Mega Dredge Mullet Bait may be pulled up to 8 knots and most effective when a few baits with similar mullet pattern are fished 15-20ft behind the dredge. Also, be sure to adjust your trolling speed according the speed of current, by having several size dredge weights on board for adjustment. A faster current may require a slower trolling speed and vice versa.