5.5" Motion Minnow Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Swimbait Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Smoked Mullet Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Swimbait Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Swimbait Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Dorado Mahi Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Skipjack Tuna Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Goggle Eye Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Spanish Sardine Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Golden Shiner Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Mayen Cichlid Fishing Lure
5.5" Motion Minnow Swimbait Fishing Lure

5.5" Motion Minnow Swimbait Fishing Lure

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Motion Minnow 5.5" Swimbait fishing lures swim naturally through the water column, enticing gamefish like snook, redfish, speckled trout, largemouth bass, and many others. Our segmented swimbait fishing lure is Held Together With Matted Dyneema® Fiber, a material that is 15x stronger than steel and rivals kevlar. Sometimes its hard to find live bait, so we created the next best thing!

Swimbaits are available in a variety of native baitfish patterns and profiles including: Finger Mullet, Spanish Sardine, American Shad, Goggle Eye, Skipjack Tuna, Dorado, Golden Shiner, Mayan Cichlid, Pinfish, and BB Mullet

 Details / Specs :

  • Length : 5.5 inches
  • Weight : 1 oz
  • Action  : Sinking
  • Body Construction: Hard ABS Plastic
  • 8-Piece Segmented Body which is held together with Dyneema Fiber
  • (2) BKK X-Strong Black Nickel Treble Hooks included with Lure

Lure Color vs Targeted Species  

Finger Mullet, Smoked Mullet, Pinfish, and Goggle Eye are patterns work excellent on snook, redfish, tarpon, and speckled trout. 

Spanish Sardine, American Shad, and BB Mullet patterns are equally at home when fishing pitching them to schoolie dolphin offshore or cruising red drum along your mangrove shorelines.

Skipjack Tuna and Dorado were patterns developed from a relentless request of previous customers providing feedback. These two patterns are deadly effective in the deep blue waters of the Caribbean. We've also had great reports from guys targeting Bluefin Trevally, Giant Trevally, and other coastal gamefish along the Pacific.

Water Color vs Effectiveness 

The general rule of thumb is, the darker or more stained the water color is the darker lure your should be throwing. Hence the design of our Golden Shiner and Mayan Cichlid colors. These two gems really "POP" and show huge contrast when fishing stained water conditions enabling any predatory gamefish nearby to locate the lure quickly!

The Smoked Mullet pattern has high contrast when fishing stained or murky water and the abalone finish gives the bait just the right amount of flash to elicit a viscous strike.

When fishing crystal clear or gin clear water, we recommend any of the profiles with a flash foil finish to them like Spanish Sardine, BB Mullet, Goggle Eye, or American Shad. The added foil design in these patterns reflect more easily through clear water and can be seen by a larger gamefish from a distance.

Pro Techs:

  • For Optimum results, simply cast and retrieve at a slow - medium pace to achieve maximum action. A faster, stop and go retrieve can also be very effective when fish are actively feeding on other forage and looking for genuine presentation. Also, be sure to adjust your retrieve speed according the the depth of water and speed of current or tide. A faster tide may require a slower retrieve and vice versa
  • If you prefer single hooks, we suggest using VMC 7237 Inline Single hooks, size 1/0 - 2/0 for the Motion Minnow 5.5" Swimbait fishing lure.



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