Saltwater Dredge Baits

The Dredge Bait Series showcases our native baitfish designs and realistic swimming actions that trigger any offshore species to swim up for a closer look. Each bait features a unique dyneema weave process which allows for aggressive and accurate tail movement.

Our unique Native Baitfish color patterns are nearly impossible for any saltwater gamefish to pass up.

Motion Dredge |   Mega Dredge
Length : 5.5" |   Length : 9.5"
Weight : 1oz |   Weight : 4oz
Action : Sinking  |  Action : Sinking

WARNING using these dredge baits may cause the unexpected RAISING of the trophy Pelagics you're looking for!

*Please note that ALL dredge baits are sold individually, un-rigged without dredge. Each bait can be custom rigged to meet any desired spread.